In the tiny town of Tinnabella, everyone had a song.  That is, until the yetis disappeared and took even the memory of music with them!  It’s up to August September the Third, the last of the musically-inclined September line, to search for the yetis and bring music back to a world that doesn’t even remember how much it needs it.  He’ll need the help of the Incomparable Gillespie—a smallish yeti with a penchant for butt-kicking—and Gertrude Mendelina Sophia Elizabeth Erlenbeaker—better known as Gerty, self-proclaimed princess biologist.  Together they’ll have to escape the clutches of overly eager robots and a Mad Cryptozoologist, all while searching for the source of music.



Curious about the creator of this capricious comic?  Well look no further!  The name’s Stephanie Hocutt, although most refer to me as Stuffin.  I’m one of those art school kids makin’ my way through life, attempting to live the dream!  I love yetis, hats, and Abraham Lincoln.  Feel free to drop a comment or email me at!

Interested in some of my other artings?  You can see my work at as well!  Thanks a bunch!